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Dr. James Verna

Dr. Verna graduated from New York University College of Dentistry and did his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Bronx Municipal Hospital Center in Oral Surgery. He is currently Co-Director of Prosthodontics in the Department of Dentistry at Jacobi Medical Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Associate Attending North Central Bronx Hospital, Assistant Clinical Professor Albert Einstein College of Medicine and was a former Lecturer in Postgraduate Prosthodontics at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and Harvard Dental School. Der. Verna has presented many lectures and courses in the field of prosthodontics to national and international groups.

Personal Statement

I owe a great deal to my mentor, Dr. Lester Rosenthal, for my love of dentistry and my knowledge and interest in prosthodontics.

I have two children, a pediatrician and an IT expert for a major corporation. I also have six granddaughters - the light of my life.

I love dentistry, it suits me perfectly and I especially love my patients. The time spent with my patients keeps me enthusiastic and brings me joyfully to the office each day. My spare time is spent skiing (mostly in Alta powder), playing tennis and mentoring my grandchildren. I have dual citizenship (Italian) and I enjoy traveling, especially with my wife who is a tour director and special events professional.

Dr. Arianita Mulahu

Dr. Mulahu received her Bachelor of Arts in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from Rutgers University and continued her education receiving a Doctorate in Dental Medicine at University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey Dental School. She completed a hospital residency at Jacobi Medical Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry and surgical procedures.

Dr. Mulahu met Dr. Verna during her residency and he has been her mentor ever since. They continue to collaborate and work closely together. Dr. Mulahu prides herself in her conservative philosophy and focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere for her patients. Her professional career also includes teaching positions as a part-time faculty member at Columbia Dental School, and volunteering in community services such as Donated Dental Services.

Dr. Mulahu dedicates a significant amount of time to continuing education each year as she believes it is the way to maintain and improver her clinical excellence, and learn about the latest advancements. She is a member of the American Dental Association, New York County Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and Albanian American Medical Society.

Dr. Mulahu's passion is first and foremost dentistry, but she also enjoys reading, volleyball, skiing, and traveling with her dear husband Luan.





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551 5th Avenue
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